UK Consumers 'Prefer Brands that Use Text Messaging'

Andy Penfold

British consumers value brands that use text messaging to engage with them, according to a survey by business text service provider Esendex.

The survey questioned consumers about how they prefer businesses to communicate with them.

Goods-delivery services are improved by text messaging, with 97 per cent of participants saying that they prefer to buy goods from companies who text them with a time and date for their delivery.

The survey also found that 87 per cent prefer to deal with businesses who use SMS to remind them of details of their appointments, and 88 per cent of respondents said they would be more likely to attend an appointment if they received a reminder via text message.

Geoff Love, marketing director at Esendex says: "Mobile consumers represent an intriguing target for UK marketers, particularly as technology and behaviours are constantly shifting. With there now being more mobile phones than consumers in the UK, more and more marketers are beginning to realise that SMS is quite possibly the most cost-effective mobile communication tool that enables them to talk directly to their customers."

Just under 50 per cent of participants said they would be willing to pay the standard text message charge for certain items, such as travel tickets, to receive updates.