UK consumers really dont like it when brands use emojis


UK consumers may enjoy sending emojis back and forth with friends and family, but they don’t appreciate when brands use the graphics in marketing messages in the slightest.

According to a survey of 2,045 UK adults, conducted by YouGov and commissioned by email marketing software firm Pure360, 75 per cent of people use emojis in their messages to family and 77 per cent to friends. Despite this, only five per cent said they are likely to buy from a brand that uses emojis in its digital marketing.  

39 per cent of respondents said that brands appear less serious when they use emojis, while 29 per cent believe the use of emojis devalues a brand. Interestingly, 36 per cent of 18 to 24-year olds believe emojis devalue a brand compared to just over 25 per cent of those aged over 55.

It was also fond that only seven per cent of UK consumers think emojis make a brand look more human, while just one per cent think emojis should replace written words completely.

“The arrival of the latest batch of emojis and their prevalent use by Brits in messages to friends and family will have heightened marketers’ curiosity as to whether they can help a brand better engage today’s UK consumer,” said Komal Helyer, marketing director at Pure360. “However, our research shows that the jury is still out on brands use emojis in their marketing efforts. As with any marketing mechanic, the use of emojis by a brand comes down to knowing the audience and understanding what they will react well to and react badly to, as a demographic.”