UK Cyber Weekend online shopping spend up 5 per cent year-on-year – report

After spending £1.04bn on Black Friday, UK shoppers spent an additional £2.41bn over the weekend (Nov 24-27), up 5.6 per cent year-on-year, according to figures from Adobe.

The Adobe Digital Insights team used Adobe Analytics to analyse hundreds-of-millions of visits to retail sites from UK consumers over Cyber Weekend, tracking the prices of 100m SKUs across 18 product categories to provide a comprehensive view of the UK digital economy.

Online UK spending data from Adobe Analytics reveals that holiday season spending-to-date (1 November – 27 November) has reached £12bn, up 5.1 per cent on 2022 levels. A total of £3.45bn was spent online in the UK over Cyber Weekend (Nov 24 – 27) – up 5.6 per cent year-on-year.

£1.04bn was spent on Black Friday, up 4.1 per cent year-on-year. £680m was spent on Saturday, up 4.2 per cent. £843m was spent on Sunday, up 6.7 per cent. And £881m was spent on Cyber Monday, up 7.4 per cent. UK shoppers spent £475m through Buy Now Pay Later services over Cyber Weekend, accounting for 13.8 per cent of total online spend and up 15.8 per cent compared with Cyber Weekend 2022.

On average, online prices were discounted 15 per cent over Cyber Weekend when compared with pre-holiday season levels, with the deepest discounts falling on Cyber Monday in TVs (19 per cent cheaper; computers (24 per cent cheaper); apparel (15 per cent cheaper); and toys (16 per cent cheaper).

Click-and-collect was used in 8.4 per cent of orders on Cyber Monday, up slightly from 8 per cent on Black Friday and up from 7.2 per cent on Cyber Monday of last year. Click-and-collect is expected to see its highest utilization around 18 December, at 15 per cent of orders.

“After breaking the record for the biggest single spending day of the year on Black Friday, UK shoppers continued to spend over the remainder of the weekend, convinced by the discounts and value on offer,” said Vivek Pandya, Lead Analyst, Adobe Digital Insights at Adobe. “With prices down on average by 15 per cent compared with the pre-holiday period in categories such as electronics, toys and apparel, it’s no surprise browsers turned to buyers in their droves.”