UK Leads the World in Mobile-Connected World Cup Fans

Football watching sports on phone58 per cent of UK football fans intend to use their mobile phone to follow the World Cup, new research shows. The UK is significantly ahead of the global average of 48 per cent of smartphone-using fans who plan on checking in with matches. The study also showed that the smartphone was now second to the television in how people will choose to watch matches.

The research, carried out by the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) and On Device Research, revealed that 32 per cent of UK fans will check scores using their phones, while a third will stream live matches. 80 per cent thought that social media will improve their overall World Cup experience, while a third claimed it will help them keep up to date more easily. 94 per cent plan on sharing content or discussing the World Cup on social media, the third highest in the world, behind Chinese and Mexican fans.

The research also showed that while six out of 10 UK fans will watch games at home, the UK audience is more likely than the rest of the world to watch matches from the pub, with 39 per cent compared to 31 per cent.

“This research provides great insights into just how much football fans in the UK will be engaging with the World Cup digitally this year,” said Hannah Bewley, senior research manager at IAB. “Its great to see that mobile is going to be playing such a key role in football fans lives through the 2014 tournament.”