UK marketers are throwing money at influencers without knowing how effective they are

Chloe Crowhurst Love Island
Love Island stars are some of those cashing in

UK marketers are willing to pay celebrity influencers on Facebook more than £75,000 for a single post promoting their brand, compared to £67,000 to YouTubers per video and £53,000 per Snap for Snapchat stars.

According to a study of 200 marketers working directly on influencer programmes across the UK, conducted by Rakuten Marketing and Morar Research, premium fashion marketers are willing to pay the most to Facebook celebs – with fees per post rising to over £160,000.

Though there are large sums being handed out, 86 per cent of marketers admit to not being sure how influencer fees are calculated, while 38 per can’t tell whether a campaign is actually driving sales. Despite this, 75 per cent of respondents said they expected their influencer spending to rise over the next year – with 35 per cent expecting it to grow by more than 50 per cent.

“Influencer marketing can be hugely effective but marketers are commissioning expensive posts without understanding the real impact on the purchase journey,” said James Collins, SVP and managing director for global attribution at Rakuten Marketing. “It’s essential that marketers question influencer fees and use attribution tools to measure the effect of this activity in order to create strong, value-driven relationships between brands and influencers.”

On the other side of the spectrum, micro influencers – those with up to 10,000 followers – see around £1,500 per post on Facebook. The overall highest paid, in this instance, are YouTubers however – with technology marketers willing to pay in excess of £3,000 for a positive review, unboxing or demo.