Half of UK marketers fear burning out, research reveals

Almost half (49%) of UK marketers are reporting being burned out, with nearly half demanding changes to their working patterns to cope with stress, new research has revealed.

According to research from the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), 52% of those surveyed are concerned about AI’s impact on their job and personal development.

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Some 65% of marketers are worried about AI being introduced too quickly, although 61% believe they have the skills to adjust to the new technology.

Marketers have also raised concerns about the economy, the research revealed.

As a result, 59% worry brands are spending less due to external financial pressures and 49% worried the UK marketing industry could be surpassed by international competitors.

CIM Director of Marketing and Communications Mark Scott said: “As we continue to operate in challenging times it’s great to see the importance being placed on people and the wellbeing of individuals by organisations. The research confirms that this ultimately drives better business outcomes as well as benefiting individuals.

“In a post-pandemic world, life priorities have changed for many and team retention will continue to be a challenge for businesses in 2024.

“The cost-of-living crisis and inflationary pressure will undoubtedly require many of us to tighten our belts, so marketing leaders must continue to prioritise the wellbeing of their teams in order to keep hold of great talent.”