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Young Brits are under pressure to maintain an online image that even they aspire to

Tyrone Stewart

Girls selfie beachYoung travellers are feeling pressured to make it to keep up appearances on social media with many even aspiring to their own online façade.

35 per cent of millennials feel pressured to post an update from their holidays to their social media followers at least once a day, according to a survey of 503 UK adults between 19 and 35 years of age conducted by The Leadership Factor on behalf of overseas education firm The TEFL Academy. Meanwhile, 19 per cent said they felt pressured to upload travel pictures multiple times a day.

On top of this, 40 per cent of respondents who travel said they wished they could be the person they portrayed themselves as on social media, compared to 32 per cent of non-travelling millennials feeling the same.

“Our research into young travellers’ behaviour revealed their love of immersive and cultural experiences where they can get a ‘real’ taste of the place they’re visiting and shape them as people,” said Rhyan O’Sullivan, managing director at The TEFL Academy.

“Young people today have so much pressure on them already in their daily lives that it is vital we actually enjoy being in the moment and appreciate the experience instead of worrying about whether we captured the right image to post on our social media accounts.”