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UK mobile ad buyers are getting better at combining data and creative

Tyrone Stewart

Woman using phoneUK mobile ad buyers are successfully finding ways to combine data and creative teams to maximise the value of mobile data when planning mobile ad campaigns.

A study of 204 UK-based media professionals by ExchangeWire and Verve found that 72 per cent of mobile ad buyers are maximising the value of mobile data for their ad campaigns. In addition, 22 per cent of these marketers use more than four different ad formats, mainly down to the increase in creative ad formats.

50 per cent of respondents also said that incorporating data into mobile campaign creative has improved brand awareness, while 30 per cent said it has improved direct response and 14 per cent saying it had improved return on investment (ROI).

“It’s great to see that UK mobile ad buyers are using mobile data to improve creativity,” said Becca Muir, head of research and analysis at ExchangeWire. “More accurate understanding of consumer mobile consumption is unlocking the use of innovative formats, which are ultimately improving the customer experience. The industry is likely to see huge benefits as a result of better creativity and targeting; most significant being a decrease in the use of ad blockers.”

Further findings from the study include 30 per cent of mobile ad buyers, who maximise the value of mobile data, using four or more success metrics. Amongst those that do not maximise the value of mobile data, clicks were found to be the most common measurement criteria, with 66 per cent of respondents citing it, followed by 50 per cent citing conversions. Those that do maximise value also use clicks and conversions to evaluate success, but are more likely to refer to criteria such as viewability, on-target demo verification, and cost per store visit.

“As the mobile device sits resolutely at the centre of digital marketing, the importance (and accessibility) of data, is being realised,” said Ian James, international general manager at Verve. “Unlocking the value of multiple data sets, online and offline, is the future of mobile storytelling – and this requires continued collaboration from the mobile ad buyers. Data is the pivotal tool for brands to get closer to their customers.”