UK Paid Apps Generated £280m in 2010

Smartphone users in the UK downloaded over 860m applications in 2010, including 105m downloads of paid apps. Revenue from paid-for apps totalled £280m.

These are some of the findings of a new report from research2guidance, titled UK Smartphone App Market Overview.

The analyst believes there is still plenty of room for growth, noting that the majority of mobile users still have feature phones, and do not use apps as actively as smartphone users. In the years to come, it says, this potential will be explored and will drive up market growth. The research also reveals that young females show the highest dynamics of device adoption in 2010. At the current rate of growth, female smartphone adopters will catch up with their male counterparts within a year. 
The report includes the following breakdowns:

  • UK population, number of mobile susbcribers, mobile penetration (Q4, 2007 – Q4, 2010, quarterly)
  • UK smartphone penetration estimates (six different sources, 2008 – 2010)
  • Number of smartphones in UK, smartphone penetration (Q4, 2007 – Q4, 2010, quarterly)
  • UK Smartphone OS shares by ownership and activity
  • Top UK smartphone manufactuers; top 10 UK smart devices (by activity)
  • Smartphone app revenue and user base globally and in the UK
  • Overview of UK smartphone market
  • UK smartphone users by gender
  • UK smartphone users by age (abs. number of devices 2009-2010)
  • UK smartphone and iPhone penetration by age and gender (Jan 2010, Nov 2010)
  • Share of UK mobile/featurephone/smartphone users who use downloaded applications
  • Average number of apps downloaded and used on smartphone
  • Amount paid for an app by an average user
  • Most popular app categories in UK (share of active smartphone users that use an app from a category at least once a day)
  • Mobile internet users by age (2010)
  • Share of UK mobile users accessing the mobile internet

There’s more information about the report here.