UK Print Media Failing on Mobile, Says Research

A study by mobile business and marketing company 2ergo says that UK print media is “failing” to adopt successful mobile business strategies. 

The study, called Mobilising Media, surveyed 719 titles in all, taking in the newspaper, mens lifestyle, womens lifestyle, B2B, and teenage sectors. 

Of the 719 titles surveyed, just 11 per cent have a business model that enables mobile content distribution. This would include a mobile-optimsed website, an app, or a digital version of the title. 

John Stevens, joint managing director at 2ergo, says: “Publishers business models are not ready to take advantage of mobile. Regardless of whether online content is free at point of access or behind a paywall, publishers are not utilising mobile to maximise their bottom line performance.

Stevens says that publishers may be preoccupied with online strategies. “Publishers are still struggling with their online strategies and therefore their mobile strategy is being left behind too,” he says. 

2ergo chose to look into the flailing teenage magazine market because of the tech-savvy and social-media focused nature of the demographic.

“The teen market, which has suffered the most due to competition from the internet and social networking, is the worst performing print category and there are no teenage lifestyle magazines delivering content via mobile apps or mSites,” says Stevens.

“Business-to-business titles offer a more complex story. William Reed and Incisive Media have mobile strategies which can maximise advertising revenue, but the majority of this category is performing poorly.”

A presentation of the report is viewable here.