UK Women Ahead of Men in Time Spent on Smartphone

Women in the UK spend more of their time online on mobile devices than men, according to a UKOM report based on comScore data.

Smartphones account for 49 per cent of women’s total internet time – rising to 59 per cent among women aged 18-24 – compared to 39 per cent for men. Tablets accounted for 16 per cent for women and 13 per cent for men.

In April 2016, the average UK female spent five hours 29 minutes more on social media than the average male, one hour 43 minutes more on retail sites and apps and one hour 38 minutes more on games.

“Understanding how consumers’ online behaviour differs by platform can help agencies and advertisers plan campaigns more effectively, such as knowing men don’t dominate mobile time as they do on computers,” said UKOM director of insight Julie Forey.