UKRD and Exaget Bring Digital Audio Ads to Online Listeners

exaget ukrdLocal commercial radio operator UKRD has partnered with technology provider Exaget to enhance the listening experience of its mobile app-based users.

UKRD has been working closely with Exaget for several months, trialling the technology, and preparing for Exagets ad insertion SDK and ad exchange to be deployed into the mobile apps used by UKRD Group stations.

The technology offers broadcasters a simple, cost-effective solution for customising content, including audio ads, for mobile device listeners. Using the technology, stations in the UKRD group will be able to deploy relevant, actionable and measurable audio ads to the online listeners that can be personalised by location and interest.

“Our online audience, especially mobile, is growing rapidly,” said James Wenger, UKRD Groups chief technology officer. “These listeners are used to the digital world which delivers relevant information they are able to act on immediately. We are excited to be able to bring these same benefits to our listeners by incorporating Exagets Digital Audio technology into our in-house developed Mobile Apps.”

“We embarked on a project which is all about making online content insertion truly simple for broadcasters to use, leveraging the simplicity all publishers have become used to in the digital marketing world,” said Shankar Meembat, founder and CEO at Exaget. “We are proud to bring this to market with UKRD, a company which has a very competent team putting our technology through its paces.”