UN: Third of Global Population Connected to Mobile Internet by End of 2014

Connected Globe InternetThere will be 3bn internet users by the end of 2014, according to figures released by the UNs International Telecommunication Union (ITU), with over three-quarters of that number connecting via mobile broadband.

The ITU forecasts that mobile broadband penetration will reach 32 per cent in 2014, or 2.3bn subscribers. Penetration will be highest in developed markets like Europe (64 per cent) and the Americas (59 per cent), and lowest in emerging markets like Asia-Pacific (23 per cent) and Africa (19 per cent).

While penetration may be lower, however, the high population of these regions means that developing markets will account for 66 per cent of internet users, and 55 per cent of mobile broadband subscriptions, in 2014.

Overall, global mobile subscriptions – not necessarily including internet access – will approach 7bn by the end of the year, 3.6bn of which will be in the Asia-Pacific region.