UN enters video content partnership with Wochit

Tyrone Stewart

WochitThe United Nations (UN) has inked a partnership with predictive video creation platform Wochit, bringing its video content to Wochit’s content library. Through the deal, the UN’s video news wire service, UNifeed, becomes open to Wochit customers.

Wochit video creators around the world are now able to incorporate video material from the UN. The content provided by the UNifeed service draws on footage from both the UN headquarters and from the field – with all of the footage also coming with shot lists and story summaries.

“We are pleased to be partnering with Wochit and to have our content available to their array of users, globally”, said Joachim Harris, deputy director of the news and media sivision in the UN’s department of global communications. “Offering content on the Wochit platform is an exciting way to increase the reach of our information products, bringing information about the United Nations to a wider global audience. We look forward to Wochit users incorporating United Nations content within their videos.”  

The UN’s UNifeed joins Reuters, Getty, Newsflare, AFP (Agence France-Presse), AP (Associated Press), PA (Press Association), and others as being available with pre-licensed rights to Wochit’s users.

“As video creation is becoming imperative to telling international stories quickly and at scale, we are excited to partner with UNifeed and take our global content offering to such new heights,” said Joachim Schmaltz, VP global content partnerships at Wochit. “We strive to empower our video creators with the best possible tools and content, as and when they need them. Our collaboration with the UN, on the UNifeed service, further provides Wochit users with an easy and intuitive platform where they can tell their stories to the world, in real-time.”