Unbreakable Mobile Screens Are on Their Way

A team of Stanford University chemists and engineers has created the first synthetic material that is bendable, consistently heals itself, conducts electricity and is sensitive to touch.

These findings could lead to a new generation of mobile devices with flexible screens that can also repair themselves after damage.

In past experiments, the material produced often needed to be heated to very high temperatures to repair damage or were changed after they had been healed once.

This plastic polymer and nickel mix is capable of healing itself after 30 minutes in a room temperature over and over again.

“Even human skin takes days to heal. So I think this is quite cool,” said Benjamin Chee-Keong Tee, a researcher on the project.

This material, vitally for mobile tech, is also a conductor.

“To interface this kind of material with the digital world, ideally you want it to be conductive,” he added.

The teams findings were published on 11 November in the journal Nature Nanotechnology.