Unilever Creates Social App for Lynx

Unilever has launched an app to drive loyalty for its Lynx mens deodorant brand. The app, dubbed The Lynx Stream, encourages users to record their wild nights out using the real-time elements of Facebook, Twitter, and their mobile phone. 

The app is available for free on iPhone and Android. It collects content created by a group of friends on any given night out – such as videos, pictures, texts, tweets, and check-in status – to produce an automatic stream that records the events of a night on the town. The stream can then be watched online and shared via social networks. 

“When we design Lynx products, we ask ourselves how they will fit into young guys lives and how will it make them more confident and attractive in the mating game,” says Josh Dean, Lynx global brand manager. “The Lynx Stream has been developed with the same thought process. Our guys are living on their mobile phones, so it makes sense to build an app that adds significant value to their lives by enabling them to capture unforgettable nights out. And if Lynx is helping to facilitate great memories and is part of the memory, then it stands to reason that people will save some affection for the brand itself.”

The Lynx Stream has been developed in the US by digital agency Razorfish, using Animotos video slideshow technology.