Unilever, Diageo, Disney go beyond GDPR with support of WFA data manifesto

Data coding transparencyThe World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) has gained support from companies like Unilever, Diageo, Disney, Just Eat, Mars, Pernod Ricard, and Shell in calling on brands to go beyond the steps required under GDPR.

The WFA’s manifesto is asking brands to create a strong data governance, minimise the amount of data they collect, give consumers real control of their data, and get a proper grip on their media supply chain. This call to action is aimed at companies, and their operations, all around the globe.

“Just as 2017 was the year of media transparency, 2018 is the year of data transparency. Just look at the recent outcry over Cambridge Analytica and Facebook,” said David Wheldon, president of the WFA and CMO at the Royal Bank of Scotland. “GDPR is going to flip control back into the hands of consumers and hold brands accountable in a way they’ve never been before. The marketing community needs to go back to thinking first and foremost about the people behind the data, their expectations and their rights.”

An advisory board is being created by the WFA to get the ball rolling on creating ‘more trust, control and respect for people’s data’. The board will be led by Unilever’s general counsel for global marketing, media and eCommerce, Jamie Barnard.

Barnard will work with the WFA as well as a cross-functional team of experts from companies including Diageo, Disney, Just Eat, Mars, Pernod Ricard, and Shell.

“When it comes to trust, people are instinctive; it isn’t small print that helps them decide, it’s their sense of safety,” said Barnard. “Data transparency is about bridging the gap between perception and expectation. The Advisory Board will look at ways to make transparency a day-to-day reality for people.”