University of Denver launches robot food delivery service

The University of Denver has launched an autonomous food delivery service, bringing contactless delivery to students across campus. The service has arrived thanks to a partnership between food services giant Sodexo, enterprise online ordering firm Lunchbox, and delivery robot startup Kiwibot.

Sodexo and Lunchbox worked together to create the Eats DU app which facilitates the delivery service provided by Kiwibot’s delivery robots. The plan is to extend the partnership to other locations including workplaces, hospitals, and whole cities.

A pilot of the service was run earlier this year which saw 290 safety test deliveries carried out, followed by 800 real deliveries to actual students and other members of the community.

“Delivery is expected even more by customers for the convenience and safety it provides,” said Kevin Rettle, Vice President of Offer Development of Sodexo Universities. “We partnered with the University of Denver and Kiwibot to create a safe, reliable, cost-effective and fun way to not only meet the needs of our time, but continue building on our track record of campus innovation.”

The first available location to order from is Einstein’s Bros Bagels, with more promised. Cost to use the service, which is available to anybody in the coverage area with a smartphone and a credit, is $2 per delivery. There’s also the option of a $15 monthly pass.