Unwired Nation Debuts Voice Publishing Platform

Start-up Unwired Nation has introduced what it says is the worlds first Voice Publishing platform that removes the barriers to going mobile and, for the first time, allows businesses to connect with opt-in mobile users through the ubiquitous medium of voice at no cost.
The service allows virtually any business to reach its users using the most widespread and accepted communications medium, the telephone. The model allows businesses to not only create and strengthen relationships with their customers, the company says, but also to generate new revenue streams through in-call promotional messages.
Text-based messaging has to date been the primary vehicle for mobile, outbound communications between businesses and consumers, leaving voice as a largely untapped medium. However, with over 200 million mobile phones in use in the US alone, voice represents the most ubiquitous, rich, and accessible communications channel and thus presents a huge opportunity for companies to communicate with their users. By leveraging voice interactions, UnWired Nation says its new platform enables companies to distribute messages that provide opt-in opportunities to interact, share information, and conduct transactions in a familiar format.
UnWired Nations first product, UnWired Buyer for eBay, has allowed users to bid on eBay Auction style listings over mobile phones since September 2005. Since that time, the service has placed millions of calls to users, representing interaction opportunities that would have been missed simply because the user was away from the computer. UnWired Nation says it has also tested out-bound mobile advertising on many of the calls with positive results.
The UnWired Nation platform allows businesses to utilise the simplicity and ubiquity of the most prolific communication medium ever, voice, to communicate with their customers says UnWired Nation CEO Indraj Gill. Our partners can create new revenue streams while giving their customers the ultimate control to select what content they receive and when. Our unique business model will have profound implications for the way companies interact with consumers in the years ahead,
UnWired Nation provides businesses with a free, ad-supported service that distributes voice-enabled content, notification, or messaging services to subscribers. The service allows companies to increase the number and quality of touch points, heighten user engagement and interaction with their site, and strengthen brand loyalty and relationships by delivering timely content targeted to users particular interests, preferences, or community interactions. In addition, UnWired Nation helps businesses monetise their user interactions through the management of targeted advertisements during the call, sharing promotional capacity in partnership with customers.
Platform features include no-cost voice publishing, offering instant delivery of voice-based messages, content, and/or alerts to any mobile phone at no cost to the publisher; touch-tone interactivity, which enables companies to engage in two-way interactions with their mobile customers in a direct, one-to-one manner; user audio response, which gives users the ability to engage, give feedback, and contribute their own audio material in response to on-call content in real-time; and a Forward to a Friend facility that allows users to forward engaging content to friends, impacting the breadth and ease of content distribution available directly from the phone.
Early campaigns through UnWired Nation have generated response and click-through rates generally 20 to 30 times higher than any form of traditional online marketing, the company says. Further, UnWired Nation captures valuable information and insight regarding consumers interaction behaviour with these voice-based campaigns, helping to adjust and optimise future marketing initiatives.
In addition to eBay, other partners who have signed up to the platform include RSS marketing and content distribution company Pheedo; uShip, the online marketplace for shipping services; Zooven, a real estate search engine; Loanables, a neighbour-to-neighbour borrowing network; and Benchmark, an online fastasy sports site.