Urban Airship Connect Promises Real-time App Engagement

Urban Airship ConnectMobile engagement platform Urban Airship has introduced Urban Airship Connect, which it says makes it easy for digital marketers and data teams to select and stream granular mobile signals of customers’ interests, preferences and intentions to any other business system, driving actions within marketing automation platforms, ad targeting solutions, business intelligence systems and customer databases. The solution is launching with connections to more than 50 business systems across 10 launch partners.

The idea behind Urban Airship Connect is to enable brands to react to individual in-app events in closer to real-time, rather than relying on aggregate data and batch exports. For example, a marketer could send a “win-back” email the moment a user uninstalls an app; present a can’t miss Facebook offer based on a product they just researched; or notify a sales associate when a VIP customer is looking for answers in-store.

On the business intelligence front, it could feed mobile campaign and audience data to BI solutions for cross-channel attribution and to understand mobile’s ROI impact on the business; or send signals across a supply chain, as safety or inventory checks are being performed, to speed the flow of information and drive business efficiencies.

The solution ties the user journey together across any business system through a flexible user identification system using device IDs, user IDs, Apple’s IDFA and Google’s Advertising ID, custom CRM identifiers, or other IDs, which the company says results in more accurate campaign attribution and personalization. Existing Urban Airship customers can simply turn on Urban Airship Connect. New customers just need an SDK to access it.

“Redbox uses numerous solutions to deliver a great digital experience to our customers, including Urban Airship and Adobe Marketing Cloud,” said Kimberlie Christen, senior manager, mobile strategy & innovation at Redbox. “With more than 60 per cent of our online traffic coming through mobile channels, we see tremendous value in having real-time mobile behavior data connected to our analytics and CRM systems for deeper analysis and to drive more relevant and targeted cross-channel marketing. Urban Airship Connect has the potential to help us close the data gaps to further optimize our mobile marketing while continuing to personalize the mobile customer’s experience.”

Urban Airship Connect will be generally available in Q4 this year, including pre-built connectors to Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), Amazon Simple Queue Service (Amazon SQS) and Amazon Kinesis, as well as many other partner integrations.
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