Urban Game Supports HTC Launch

Mobile agency Marvellous has created the worlds first branded urban game on an Android handset to promote and raise the awareness of the Vodafone HTC Magic launch in the Netherlands.
The game, Go Tag, was engineered with latest image recognition technology, and played out in a street event in central Amsterdam. It involved an army of enthusiastic contestants equipped with HTC handsets running around the city and tagging each other with pictures.
Split into two teams, the players had to tag the other team, by taking pictures using an app on the HTC magic phone. The team that was tagged the most lost, while the other team won HTC Magics for all team members.
50 players were drawn from 200 applicants in five days on a dedicated Vodafone microsite. The two teams played three rounds of five minutes. Each team had a Dutch celebrity leader: singer and songwriter EliZe, and TV presenter Dennis Storm.
Marvellous and Vodafone says that after the success of the event, they are considering organising more urban games with mobiles in the future.