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URSOR launches app to protect children online

Will Taylor

URSOR, a safe browser and search engine for kids has launched to give children aged 4-12 freedom to explore, learn and create online whilst keeping them protected from harmful content and maintaining their privacy.

Created to protect children whilst they explore the Internet, URSOR allows access to essential learning materials and gives children the chance to have fun and discover new interests online. Parents can take comfort knowing that their child is not tracked on any site they access and inappropriate content is filtered out.

URSOR has been created at a time where childhoods are more digital than ever and nearly half of all children aged eight and under have their own connected tablet device, spending an average of 2.25 hours a day on screens. Children are left at higher risk of encountering unsafe websites, dangerous ads and more. At least 46 per cent of parents have said their children have encountered inappropriate content online.

Filippo Yacob, CEO of URSOR said: “The Internet is great, but it wasn’t built for kids... Digital childhoods are a phenomena that busy parents today simply have to deal with. I just wanted a tool that would make the Internet a better place for my own children and the children of my friends, but I quickly realized that tool didn’t exist, and that safe access to the internet is a problem shared by every single parent with an Internet connection. Our mission at URSOR is to make the internet a tool for parenting, as opposed to something parents have to worry about.”

URSOR is available for download on the Apple store for iPads only, with Android and mobile coming soon. After a two-week trial, monthly subscriptions start at $9.99.