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US and UK Shoppers Will Look, Buy and Save on Mobile This Christmas

Kirsty Styles

If you are an advertiser looking to capitalise on the rise in the number of Christmas mobile shoppers this year – it seems it wouldn’t have harmed you to start your campaign before October.

Despite people getting up in arms every year about how much earlier festive advertising seems to start, 55 per cent of people in the UK typically start shopping for the holidays before November and 30 per cent get started before October.

But not to worry, there’s still plenty of time left to make an impact, and Mojiva’s 2012 Holiday MAG reports found out exactly what mobile shoppers in the US and UK are up to in the run up to Christmas.

Ads and mobile sites

Viewers of mobile ads in both countries said they are most likely to browse a website after seeing an ad – 55 per cent in the UK and 62 per cent in the US - adding yet further weight to the suggestion that brands need a mobile-optimised site.

Around a third of people in both countries would redeem a voucher, play a game, request more information, listen to music, watch a video or download an app – showing a pretty comfortable relationship between consumers and the different types of call to action.

Browsing vs buying

While 55 per cent of shoppers in the UK and 56 per cent in the US think their smartphones will be best for finding presents, only 25 per cent and 30 per cent see it as the best avenue for buying.

67 per cent of US shoppers surveyed said they would use their phones for price comparison this Christmas, compared to 48 per cent in the UK.  64 per cent in the US expect to use coupons, compared to 47 per cent of British respondents.

What and how much?

42 per cent of Brits would be happy to spend more than £25 on a single gift purchased on mobile. 62 per cent are happy to spend £15 or more. Similarly, 42 per cent of respondents in the US would pay more than $50 (£31.50) for a single item on their smartphone.

Only 44 per cent of UK respondents would consider purchasing electronics on their mobile device – compared to 60 per cent in the US. 51 per cent of people from the UK would buy toys and games, 56 per cent from the US. 46 per cent and 45 per cent would purchase clothes.

The report found that 28 per cent of US consumers now owns an iPad, compared to 24 per cent in the UK. Android tablet owners now total 20 and 16 per cent respectively. 11 and 5 per cent own another type of tablet.