US Consumers Clamour for Wi-fi

74 per cent of smartphone users in the US are interested in a mobile operator-provided service that uses wi-fi to provide lower cost calls, according to a MarketTools Zoomerang survey of 420 smartphone owners, commissioned by Kineto Wireless. The survey also found that 72 per cent of smartphone users are interested in an application that uses wi-fi to improve cellular coverage.

89 per cent of respondents have smartphones with wi-fi. 30 per cent are on Android, 26 per cent on iOS, and 22 per cent have a BlackBerry. 62 per cent of people who own smartphones with wi-fi use the wi-fi four or more days each week. (How do they remember – Ed?) 30 per cent say they use wi-fi because it is faster than the cellular network; 19 per cent because it is easy to access the internet.

“Wi-fi has become pervasive in the smartphone market, and subscribers are interested in options that help them take better advantage of wi-fi for coverage and cheaper calling,” says Steve Shaw, vice president of marketing at Kineto Wireless. “This data helps reiterate the market opportunities for mobile operators. With Kineto’s Smart Wi-Fi application, they can improve service quality and develop subscriber-friendly services that drive mobile data offload.”