US consumers like to research products online before buying in-store

Tyrone Stewart

eCommerce mCommerceIn 2017, the US eCommerce market saw 88 per cent of consumers research products online before buying in-store, while the holiday season saw 72 per cent plan to shop specifically on Amazon and 60 per cent in-store.

According to research from the eCommerce Foundation, 2017 saw around 75 per cent of internet users reach for any device to purchase products online. Despite this, online shoppers prefer using desktop and laptop devices, only opting for mobile devices when knowing what they want as opposed to browsing.

76 per cent of mobile users shop on smartphones shop on smartphones because it saves time. Although, 67 per cent find shopping via mobile devices more difficult due to the small pages and links.

The research also found that online shoppers feel the most frustrating part of checking out online is having to fill out the same information repeatedly, with 74 per cent of online consumers valuing ‘easy checkout’ functions the most. In addition, unexpected shipping charges are one of the causes for online consumers abandoning their shopping cart.

Furthermore, US consumers tend to think foreign websites are less convenient compared to domestic websites, which is slowing cross border eCommerce innovation in the US.