US Consumes More Media on More Devices Every Month

56 per cent of people in the US had a smartphone in Q3 2012, and are each now spending five hours and 20 minutes on average every month watching videos on it. 14.1 per cent of time using smartphones is spent texting, 10.2 per cent on social media. 85m people now use social apps, with 81m connecting with people using the mobile browser.

Nielsens US Consumer Usage Report 2012 found that consumers are spending more time each month with more media, across all devices. But people still spend the most time, 144 hours and 54 minutes per month, watching traditional TV.

In September 2012, 16 per cent of TV-owning households also had a tablet, with 4 per cent owning a smart TV. 17 per cent of smart device owners have an e-reader. According to the report, nearly 120m people within television homes own four or more TV sets.