US Patent for July Systems

The US Patents and Trademarks Office has issued a patent in the area of
rights-managed peer-to-peer distribution of mobile content to July Systems, which provides smart mobile content retailing solutions.
Julys super-distribution technology will now allow mobile content
retailers to make the most of distribution mechanisms to help
significantly increase the mobile content consumer base.
Mobile consumers will be able to refer, forward and even gift mobile
content to friends and family, with rights management controls in place
to remove piracy concerns that hinder the power of viral distribution.
This, the company says, will allow content to spontaneously flourish in
community environments that can serve as self-automated promotional
The patent, Authorized Distribution of Digital Content over Mobile
Networks (US Patent 7139372) recognises Julys technology for
peer-to-peer viral distribution of content. It also safeguards the
content and service providers revenue streams through stringent
enforcement of copyrights, licenses, and payments at every stage of
viral content distribution.
This latest patent comes on the heels of Julys two recent patent wins
for mobile digital rights management (DRM) and real-time
personalisation of mobile services.
The biggest success stories in consumer digital content and
applications have – almost without exception – been powered by
peer-to-peer viral distribution and propagation says Linda Barrabee,
program manager, Yankee Group. Consumers want to express their
personalities and preferences by sharing their favourite games,
pictures, videos and music with their community of friends, family and
others. So far, real concerns about copyright protection and revenue
leakage have deterred the mobile entertainment industry from tapping
the full potential of viral marketing.
For July Systems, Chairman and CEO Ashok Narasimhan adds:
“July is excited to bring to the industry yet another innovative
technology that has the potential to transform the way mobile content
is sold and distributed today. Our recent record of patent wins in key
areas such as mobile DRM, personalisation and now super-distribution
confirms July Systems position as a leader and innovator in the mobile
content retailing space.