Users can now hide likes on Facebook and Instagram

Facebook and Instagram have announced that they are giving users the option of hiding their public like counts. 

From today, users will be able to hide the like counts on their own posts and also all posts in their feed. To allow for flexibility, users have the option of turning the setting on and off, even after a post goes live.  

Instagram hopes that this will give people control over their experience on the platform. Users and experts reported that not seeing like counts was beneficial for some, but annoying to others, particularly because people use like counts to get a sense for what’s trending or popular. 

The social platforms recently announced new tools to allow people to filter offensive content from their DMs and gave people ways to control what they see and share on Facebook’s News Feed – like the Feed Filter Bar, Favourites Feed and Choose Who Can Comment.

Instagram has been working closely with third-party experts to better understand how to empower people, build self-awareness and shape a more positive experience online. As part of these efforts, it collaborated with The Jed Foundation and creators such as Bunny Michael and Schuyler Bailar on a new Instagram Guide, which offers advice on how to manage pressure online.

Its also funding more external research about people’s experiences on Instagram, and how it can improve its policies and products to support its community.