Using Mobile in the Retail Environment

David Murphy

Brazilian mobile marketing agency pontomobi interactive has released details of a campaign staged for Center Norte in Sao Paulo, Brazil’s largest shopping centre, in the run up to Christmas last year. There were four elements to the campaign: Bluetooth marketing, SMS interaction, a mobile Internet site, and voice calls.
The campaign began with a teaser using Bluetooth technology to communicate with the public, informing them that something new coming to the shopping centre. Six Bluetooth devices were installed in the mall’s central square to broadcast the teaser messages.
The second element was an interactive SMS campaign that enabled shoppers to decorate an interactive Christmas tree in the centre. To take part, shoppers sent a free text to a shortcode, 27114, containing the name of a gift. There were 100 gifts to choose from, with each one lighting the corresponding gift on the Christmas tree. More than 450,000 people interacted with the decoration during the four weeks of the campaign.
In addition, everyone who texted in received a return text message inviting them to visit the shopping centre’s mobile site at: www.natalcn.mobi to find out more about the campaign, and download free content.
Finally, inside the shopping centre, there were booths where shoppers could send Christmas voice messages recorded by Santa Claus. More than 150,000 voice messages were sent in just two weeks.