USPS links up with Spotify to share letter carrier stories within podcasts

The US Postal Service (USPS) has teamed up with Spotify to use podcasts to share the stories of its postal carriers and how they are supporting their local communities.

Spotify is featuring three 60-second podcast mini-stories across a range of podcasts, including Science Vs and Unlocking Us with Brene Brown, as well as targeted spots while users listen to music. The stories – which were created in partnership with Spotify’s Studios and Creative Solutions teams and media agency UM – are narrated by Jonathan Goldstein, host of the Gimlet podcast Heavyweight, and highlight the human connections made by USPS workers.

Listeners are invited to visit a co-branded USPS and Gimlet landing page, which serves as a hub for all the USPS branded audio content within Spotify.

“This year has been an extraordinary year, but as always, postal employees continue to serve their communities every step of the way,” said Chris Karpenko, Executive Director of Brand Marketing at USPS. “We’re excited to share these stories through some unique efforts with Spotify and their roster of original podcasts to tell these stories in a fresh way that we believe will resonate with listeners. This is the type of innovative, audience-first program that brings to life the strategy we’ve developed with our agency partner UM.”