Utiq and Equativ Unlock Authentic Audiences Through Programmatic Curation

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Utiq, the European AdTech company with a unique Telco-powered first party identifier, that harnesses Authentic Consent to enable responsible digital marketing, is today announcing the integration of its Authentic Audiences solution with Equativ, the global, trusted independent platform.

This first feature-enabled SSP integration for Utiq means their Authentic Audiences are now available via Equativ’s Buyer Connect curation platform, enabling easy, intuitive, custom deal access to address real people at scale, without ever compromising consent or privacy rights.

Utiq’s Authentic Audiences will be available in France, Germany and Spain, accessing  inventory integrated through client-side header bidding. Buyers can benefit by simply selecting one deal ID harnessing Utiq’s Authentic Audiences and then activate through any DSP integrated with the Equativ SSP.

With this next step in our partnership, Utiq and Equativ aim to enable privacy-safe marketing, with highly stable, deterministic reach and frequency capping within the SSP that enhances publisher monetisation and advertiser ROI. This solution also supports media buyers in achieving broad cross-environmental reach, including cookieless browsers like Firefox and Safari. Integration with Utiq expands Equativ’s data activation capabilities, allowing publishers and advertisers to onboard data, create segments and accurately target.

Utiq’s Authentic Audience segments are unique within the digital advertising ecosystem, enabling scaled, deterministic, secure and encrypted addressability.  It’s Authentic Consent Service connects Utiq’s Telco partners, publishers and brands via a real-time, end-to-end secure consent signal match – it’s first party data identifier – to create Authentic Audiences that have unambiguously and freely provided consent for marketing purposes. 

The Service also empowers open internet users to have control and choice over their privacy while enabling more relevant and responsible digital marketing experiences. Users also have the option to manage consent around their data via a single click, with brands and publishers only able to advertise to those who have explicitly granted consent.

Equativ’s Buyer Connect curation platform enables customers to package data, media, and cross-publisher supply into a single deal ID that can be activated from any DSP. Future-proofed to support media buying strategies, EBC delivers a comprehensive suite of privacy-first data and identity solutions to enable addressability at scale. The extended offering of the platform is displayed through a streamlined and intuitive UI which allows curators to create, optimize, and monitor deals quickly and easily, maximizing their efficiency. Built for control, advertisers manage their supply chain with complete transparency through strategic marketplaces.

Commenting on the integration, Benoit Hucafol, VP Product Management at Equativ, stated: “We are happy that Equativ curation platform was chosen by Utiq as the first ad platform for implementing cutting-edge privacy-first solutions. This reflects our shared goal of innovating in the era of cookie deprecation, combining safe and consented data handling with programmatic effectiveness, enabling insight-based media monetization, and personalized advertising.

Will Harmer, Chief Product Officer at Utiq, added: “This partnership represents a significant step forward in our mission to deliver responsible digital marketing experiences. By making our Authentic Audiences available through Equativ’s Buyer Connect platform, we are simplifying the process for buyers whilst reinforcing our commitment to consent and privacy rights. We believe this is the future of digital marketing – a future where respect for consumer privacy and effective marketing are not mutually exclusive but are, in fact, two sides of the same coin.”