Valassis Offers Self-Scan Mobile App for UK Retailers

Coupon and voucher firm Valassis has announced a reseller agreement with Scan and Pay AS, bringing a barcode self-scanning shopping solution to the UK retail market. 

The SCAP app solution allows shop customers to use their mobile phone as a barcode scanner in-store. The customer can scan items as they put them in their basket. The app keeps a running total of the cost of the shopping and the customer then uses a self-service terminal to pay for the goods as they leave the shop. 

The company says customers can pay at a payment terminal with cash, card, or NFC if their handset is capable. 

SCAP was developed by Norwegian software developer Scan and Pay AS, and Valassis has partnered with the company to make the solution available in the UK. The solution is available on iOS, Android, Windows, Nokia, Java, and BlackBerry phones.

Anke Puscher, director of business development Europe at Valassis, says: “The majority of consumers are time pressured when they are doing a grocery shop, so being confronted by long queues at the tills is the last thing they want to see. Whilst the current range of self-scan solutions in use today have gone some way towards speeding up the check-out process, there is still some consumer frustration around ease-of-use and they are most suited to handling smaller baskets.

“This is where the SCAP solution is a huge leap forward for the grocery sector and other multi-lane retailers, putting customers in control of the scanning and check-out process as they shop and utilising a now commonplace device, which people always keep to hand.”

Valassis says that retailers could benefit from the solution because loyalty schemes and vouchers can be implemented through the app. 

Puscher says: “The SCAP solution will appeal especially to grocery retailers because it is relatively inexpensive to implement and maintain and it improves the customer shopping experience. And, unlike the current self-scan technology being used, it doesnt take up any physical space within the store. Critically, the benefits of SCAP extend beyond self-scan capabilities – there is also the opportunity to store shopping lists, redeem coupons and make recommendations to shoppers in real-time as they move around the store. SCAP has the potential to take care of all shoppers needs through a single mobile app, whilst also giving retailers the opportunity to target shoppers with personalised offers based on their shopping preferences.”