Vantrix Launches Bandwidth Optimiser

Vantrix has launched the Vantrix Bandwidth Optimizer, a media optimization and bandwidth management solution for mobile video.
Vantrix notes that over recent months, reports from industry analysts and telecom equipment vendors have highlighted an impending threat on mobile networks. Mobile data traffic is to grow exponentially over the next years and video is the main source of this surge. While most operators will see a moderate increase in their revenues from data (less than 50%), they will need to manage 50 to 100 times more video traffic on their network. According to Vantrix, the Bandwidth Optimizer enables network operators to capitalize on the surge in data traffic by providing up to 50% savings of CAPEX and OPEX for data delivery.
There are inherent inefficiencies in mobile video delivery today, says Vantrix Chief Marketing Officer, said Patrick Lopez. Vantrix Bandwidth Optimizer stops the waste incurred by operators in delivering videos to mobiles, tablets and laptops and can effectively double the capacity of an existing network infrastructure.
Vantrix Bandwidth Optimizer provides unique functionalities and mechanisms for the transcoding, transrating, caching and streaming of video over mobile networks. The  technology behind it is a core competency developed and patented by Vantrix over the last five years and has been implemented commercially in a number of mobile video deployments.
Vantrix says the solution offers savings of between 30 – 70% on the cost of delivering mobile video; the ability to double the capacity of an existing network infrastructure; a better Quality of Experience. It also addresses on-deck and off-deck content for mobile, tablets and laptops.