Varo Bank launches ‘That Bank’ campaign

Varo Bank has launched ‘That Bank’, a campaign that aims to evolve the brand with customer-centric messaging that highlights the needs and special moments in a customers’ personal finance journey.

The campaign will run across paid and owned social and digital channels along with contextual digital OOH in regional markets. The campaign uses ‘That Bank’ to highlight customers’ needs and desires. The campaign aims to show customers that Varo is that bank that is going to help them ‘make that bank’.

Varo is focusing on the customers’ unmet financial needs during a time of heightened economic pressure and is designed to nurture success and build trust. The insights driving the campaign were based on a nuanced understanding of Varo’s target audience, a group that’s hustling for a brighter future, working on their financial health and wealth and wanting to use the benefits of secure bank technology to build budgets, manage debt and more.