Vegan brand Violife launches Change Your Cheese, Change Your Planet’ campaign

Dairy-free brand Violife has launched a ‘Change Your Cheese, Change Your Planet’ campaign to celebrate it’s dairy free range. The integrated campaign devised by VCCP Media, Topcut-Modiano and Newton encourages consumers to try Violife, and ‘Change your Cheese’ from dairy to vegan, in a bid to reduce our harmful impact on the climate.

In addition to building awareness for the brand, the campaign will also use shopping data to identify consumers who are in the market, in order to nurture the consumer through the path to purchase. This is replicated in digital channels led by social where VCCP Media has targeted multiple audience segments, including Vegans, Curious Foodies, Health Conscious, and Environmentally Conscious consumers to drive home the Change Your Cheese, Change Your Planet’ messaging.

The campaign launches with a 40-second hero film, and is supported by a 20-second version across TV and BVoD (Broadcaster Video on Demand). The playful creative showcases everyday foodie moments such as dining out, cooking at home and indulging at the cinema, while introducing Violife’s ‘change’ meals. Classic meals such as cheeseburgers and nachos are presented, with the word ‘cheese’ replaced by ‘change’ in examples including the ‘Change’ Burger, Nachos N’ Change and ‘Changecake.’  

“Violife wants to show consumers that what we eat can make a significant positive impact on our planet by making the simple change from dairy cheese,” said Violife Global Marketing Manager, Thania Drakopoulou. “With our award-winning range of vegan alternatives to cheese products, people will not have to miss out on any of the cheesy recipes they love. Finding the right balance and communicating how a plant-based, vegan option can find its place in every home, was not an easy task. Newton and Topcut created the most innovative concept and VCCP helped us identify the right ingredients in our media ‘recipe’, resulting in a great campaign that promotes the ease of turning every-day food into a delicious, dairy-free meal.”