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Velti and Vantrix Tie Up for Video Ad Platform

David Murphy

Velti, which specialises in mobile advertising services, has partnered with mobile content delivery company Vantrix, to support a universal video advertising platform. Armed with the Vantrix Media Broadcaster device detection and video optimisation technology, Velti can stream or provide on-demand ad-supported video content on mobile Internet sites to a vast array of mobile devices. It says the new feature helps advertisers to communicate more effectively with mobile users.
The video Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) platform supports many forms of video ads that integrate seamlessly with the mobile users existing device and service providers network, says Velti. Advertising can be inserted in real time alongside streamed and downloadable video content, optimised for each mobile devices technical capabilities and the network conditions, and targeted contextually, based on the content viewed by the user.
Mobile users who subscribe to video services delivered by Veltis enhanced Mobile Marketing Platform (MMP) are asked to provide basic personal data such as gender, date of birth, area of residence and range of income the first time they sign up. This information, combined with additional behavioural and contextual data managed and updated by Veltis Personalization Engine, as well as device, carrier and network performance characteristics provided by Vantrix, is used to target consumers with advertising thats relevant to them. Mobile users can then use the service on most networks for free and view video clips as often as they like. Brand advertisers will bear the cost of the service, so users can enjoy high quality video on their mobile phones, complete with targeted ad content.
With over 3 billion mobile users globally, the adoption of mobile media and advertising continues to be a catalyst of growth in our industry, says Velti CEO, Alex Moukas. As new devices are introduced each day, it is increasingly important to reach your target market, regardless of which gadget or service provider they use. With the help of Vantrix to detect any device and adapt the video content for each specific phone and network conditions, Velti is able to provide a technology- agnostic mobile advertising platform with high-quality video content.