Velti Goes Huge

Mobile marketing and advertising technology provider Velti has announced a partnership with HairTech International to provide mobile marketing capabilities for the launch of Paris Hiltons huge line of hair and beauty products. The campaign, which kicked off in late November, enables budding socialites and fans to opt in to receive product information and giveaways via mobile from Paris Hilton.
The mobile program is focused around a Velti-powered, Shortcode (text PARIS to 72747) that enables people to log on to a mobile Internet site to learn about Pariss new line, sign up for giveaways and get text alerts about upcoming promotions. As a call to action the Shortcode has a powerful media schedule behind it, including social media initiatives, with tweets to Pariss 1 million followers and communications to her 140,000 Facebook friends.
Mobile users who text in to the Shortcode will be sent product information relating to Pariss new product lines. Additionally, the mobile campaign will incorporate SMS contests tied to the new products that Hilton will launch this quarter.
Paris Hilton can certainly generate her own buzz, but having a means of engaging in a two-way dialogue with consumers is where our technology provides deeper value to HairTechs marketing, says Velti CEO, Alex Moukas. Veltis mobile offerings will enhance the engagement level of the campaign and also provide the capability to measure and enhance the effectiveness of other media buys.