Velti Offers Free Credit in Drinkaware Campaign

Drinkaware, in collaboration with Enable Interactive, Frank PR and mobile marketing firm Velti, have created Party Season Survival Packs, which include tips for staying safe during the party season, free condoms and, in a first for the charity sector, mobile phone credit.
Enable and Frank PR, who started working with Drinkaware in April, came up with the survival pack concept after holding focus groups with 16 and 17 year olds who felt that mobile phone credit, as well as free condoms, were a fair exchange for receiving the campaigns responsible partying message.
Enable joined forces with Velti to supply young people with a unique voucher code to get a free top up credit across the major mobile networks. In addition to an initial 1 free top-up, users will be sent another bonus 1 credit on 30 December, designed to help them get home safely on New Years Eve, along with a message reminding them that drinking can ruin the night, and to carry a condom.
We are committed to understanding Drinkawares target audiences, says Matt Connolly, Strategy Director at Enable Interactive. When looking at how to engage with 16 and 17 year olds, we simply asked them. They suggested using text messages to communicate with them and told us that mobile phone credit is an essential commodity, so delivering our campaign messages in this way works well for everyone. 
The survival packs are part of Drinkawares Christmas Have fun. Be careful campaign, which is its first initiative in conjunction with Brook, which aims to keep young people safe over the festive season. The survival packs will be available at certain Brook sexual health clinics and further education centres across the UK between now and Christmas.
Providing advice over Christmas and the New Year is especially important, as this is when teenage conceptions are at their highest, says Drinkaware Chief Executive, Chris Sorek. But young people need to know that drinking to excess can make them vulnerable all year round. We hope the Drinkaware and Brook packs will help 16 and 17 year olds remember that drinking alcohol can mean doing something you might regret.