Veoo Rolls Out Platform to Deliver Offers Into Mobile Wallets

Veoo voucherMessaging firm Veoo has launched a platform for brands to deliver coupons, tickets and loyalty cards into mobile wallets on iOS and Android. The platform is powered by US firm Vibes, which has been running it in the States since 2012. The platform is now live in seven countries – UK, Greece, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Hungary, Ukraine and Belgium – with rollouts also planned in Asia and Latin America.

Brands can use the platform to deliver coupons into Apple Wallet and Android pay using a cloud-based platform, on a self-serve or managed basis. For the self-serve option, the company charges a monthly fee of £5,000, plus a small admin fee of around 5p per voucher saved to a phone, which is levied by Apple. For the managed option, Veoo charges around 250 per voucher created, the exact fee depending on the number of vouchers created.

Vouchers can be created in a matter of minutes using an intuitive user interface, demoed to Mobile Marketing at a launch event yesterday. The vouchers are then distributed to consumers via a link in ads or returned to the user after texting in a keyword to a shortcode. At the launch event, Veoo told us that the majority of vouchers and offers distributed in the US over the past four years have been via in-store calls to action, with a shortcode and keyword promoted in store, inviting shoppers to text in to receive the voucher on their phone for use on their current shopping trip.

Vouchers can be geo-targeted to trigger a push notification when a user with a consumer with a voucher for a given brand on their phone comes within, say, 100m of one of the brand’s retail outlets. They can also be set to expire on a given date, and updated dynamically to change the offer contained in the voucher. The company said this functionality would likely be of interest to gambling operators who can update a voucher in real time to offer the user discounted bets or better odds on the next race or the result of a football match as the game progresses.

Veoo cited research showing that 70 per cent of users in the US save a passbook offer when presented with one. The same research also found a 64 per cent increase in conversions over static mobile web coupons, and a 26 per cent increase in average order value over static mob web offers. A Vibes campaign for Chipotle in the US saw 5.3m vouchers offering a free meal downloaded, with 67 per cent of consumers who downloaded the voucher redeeming it.