VeraViews included on IAB Global Vendor List

Verasity, an ad tech company that prevents invalid traffic across digital video advertising, has announced the inclusion of its VeraViews ad stack, powered by Verasity’s patented Proof of View technology, in the IAB’s Global Vendor List (GVL).

VeraViews is an ad stack and advertising ecosystem powered by distributed ledger technology (DLT) and built around Verasitys patented Proof of View (PoV) fraud identification module, that enables publishers to transparently monetise their video content. In an industry first, Verasity leverages the transparent and immutable nature of DLT to give all advertising stakeholders access to tamperproof campaign data.

The IAB is a global advertising business organisation that develops industry standards, conducts research, and provides legal support for the online advertising industry. With over 1,200 members in the UK alone, the IAB champions a sustainable future for digital advertising.

The IAB GVL consists of technology vendors that have signed their ad tech solutions onto the ‘Transparency and Consent Framework’ and been approved by the IAB. The GVL is maintained by the IAB’s experts and updated weekly.

“Our inclusion on the IAB’s trusted Global Vendor List is an enormous step forward for how we connect with enterprise clients and prove that we’re committed to increasing transparency and professional standards within the advertising industry,” said Verasity Founder, R J Mark. “Together with our integration at the ad stack level with Brightcove, and our work with upcoming partners, putting Verasity on the IAB Global Vendor List signals that we are ready and able to take our VeraViews ad stack to market.”

The GVL is a carefully curated list of just 800 technology providers, publishers, and brands,. and also includes Amazon Ads, eBay, Experian, Google Advertising Products, Group M, Rakuten, Salesforce, Teads, and many more.

Now integrated with Brightcove, the VeraViews ad stack can be easily deployed to transparently identify and discard invalid traffic, reducing payment terms for publishers and maximising ROI on ad campaigns for brands. Future advertising platforms and video player support for VeraViews are underway.

Brands and publishers interested in learning more about VeraView’s revolutionary approach to preventing and tracking invalid traffic in a transparent and sustainable way can request a product demo here.