VeraViews joins the Conscious Advertising Network (CAN)

Member Content

VeraViews, an open-ledger advertising ecosystem that prevents ad fraud, has been accepted as a member of the Conscious Advertising Network (CAN). 

In its membership application, VeraViews explained how ad fraud hurts both advertisers and publishers, and detailed its open ledger-based ad tech solution and patented ‘Proof of View’ (PoV) PoV technology, tailored to programmatic video advertising, which adds a purpose-built transparency layer that is tamper-resistant and auditable.

This results in higher campaign ROIs for advertisers and speeds up publisher payments, as advertisers only pay for valid engagement on ad campaigns, while publishers get paid faster, since the attribution data is real-time and immutable.

CAN is a UK-based international coalition of over 180 advertisers, agencies, tech providers and civil society groups, focused on breaking the economic link between advertising and harmful content.

CAN’s members include Haleon, Virgin Media O2, British Gas and Innocent Drinks, and network media agencies Group M, Havas Media and Omnicom Media Group, as well as leading civil society groups including the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, the Global Disinformation Index and the Institute for Strategic Dialogue.  

CAN combines its advertising and human rights expertise to help implement industry, platform and policy interventions, and to embed human rights in relevant commercial and political decision-making globally. It works directly with advertising platforms, media owners and publishers to pioneer positive changes and set new human rights precedents within the industry.

VeraViews’ ad stack offers a feature-rich campaign management suite for publishers, but with the added benefit of its PoV technology, which records ad campaign data in real time on an open ledger database

PoV is available to all parties in the supply chain, but with stringent privacy protections for outside observers. It enables publishers to prove, rather than just claim, that they prevent invalid traffic on their campaigns, benefitting those publishers who are committed to reducing ad fraud and sending a clear signal to their advertising partners that they care about invalid traffic.

C.A.N Co-Chair, Harriet Kingaby, said: “We’re really pleased to welcome Vera Views as a CAN member. Bringing accountability and transparency to the adtech space is so important in promoting better commercial results for advertisers, and ensuring less money is lost to ad fraud, or sites promoting disinformation and hate. Vera Views’ use of open ledgers is truly pioneering.”