Veritonic releases data report on audio brand effectiveness

Audio intelligence platform, Veritonic has released its 2021 Audio Logo Index, which analyses consumer response, emotional resonance and overall effectiveness of audio logos and sonic branding among top brands. 

Audio-based entertainment is seeing a massive rise, with podcast listenership increasing by 32 per cent and music platforms like Spotify seeing a 30 per cent increase in ad-supported visitors last year.

Veritonic’s Audio Logo Index highlights the massive impact sonic brands can have in the minds of consumers and the need for marketers to shore up their brands’ audio logo.

According to the report, US Insurance companies have taken a dominant lead with their sonic brands, with Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) taking a close second. 

With a Veritonic Audio Score of 88, Farmers Insurance led the overall results with State Farm Insurance close behind at 87. QSR brands Popeyes, Arbys and Red Robin tied, with a score of 86. Digging deeper into the data, State Farm Insurance had the highest correct brand recognition with 88 per cent.

Additionally, 90 per cent of people correctly associated Little Caesars as a QSR brand, closely followed by Popeyes, Arbys and Red Robin. 

Conversely, well-known consumer brands in financial services and technology are gaining little-to-no recognition when it comes to their audio logos and sonic brand engagement.

Companies like Mastercard, Slack and Microsoft Teams represent tens of millions of dollars sent in audio identity research, development and spend. Mastercard has reportedly spent over $15m (£10.58m) on their sonic identity, yet only 4 per cent recognized Mastercard’s sonic branding.

One key findings from the report emphasises the importance of utilising brand names in audio logos. Nine out of the top 10 US brand logos in the index included their company name.

Emblematic of this finding was the automotive brand, AutoZone. In previous years, the retailer’s proper brand association was roughly 12 per cent as a result of their whistle-only audio logo. However, upon switching to a full musical slogan utilising the company name, AutoZone jumped 62 percentage points in proper brand recognition.

Additional findings include the growing benefits of audio logos and sonic branding to reinforce company values. Career site Indeed has focused much of its audio-marketing narrative on female-owned businesses and is reaping the benefits, as 60 per cent of respondents expressed a higher willingness to use sites and products whose advertising reflected inclusivity and diversity. 

“An all-encompassing audio marketing strategy is crucial to compete in our growing audio-focused world and the right sonic identity is a critical component,” said Veritonic CEO, Scott Simonelli. “The data our platform analyses consistently proves that brands who embrace audio marketing best practices are winning consumer’s hearts and minds through the power of sound.”