Verizon CEO praises AI’s role in network evolution and tariff innovation

Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg has emphasised the transformative possibilities of utilising Gen AI throughout its network.

While discussing the company’s Q1 performance, Vestberg revealed the telecoms giant is taking a three-step approach to AI.

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According to Vestberg, the initial strategy includes harnessing AI to optimise operations and its internal processes, such as streamlining fuel and power consumption to drive efficiencies.

Additionally, the company is leveraging AI to to tailor personalised recommendations for customers within its myPlan tariffs, which he claims is “producing good early results”.

He added that the telecoms giant is developing an AI-based revenue stream by capitalising on its 5G network and mobile edge compute capabilities.

Vestberg said: “Generating AI workloads represents a great long-term opportunity for us. There are multiple places we see efficiencies, but also revenue opportunities with all the new technologies coming”.

He also emphasised that the company is scaling up AI for enhanced customer service.