Verizon Lets Drivers Smarten Up Their Cars with Hum

Verizon HumVerizon has launched Hum, a solution for adding connected car features to any vehicle.

The Hum system uses an GPS-enabled on-board diagnostic reader that connects to a port – found in more than 150m passenger vehicles currently on the road, according to Verison. Together with a Bluetooth-enabled device clipped to the cars sun visor, Hum sends diagnostics to a paired smartphone app, even when the user isnt behind the wheel.

On top of buying this hardware, users sign up to a two-year subscription, starting at $14.99 per month. For their money, drivers get access to vehicle diagnostics; alerts for oil changes and tyre rotations; the ability to contact mechanics for a consultation, or emergency services with the cars current GPS location in the case of an accident; and a location-based function that can be used either as a reminder of where theyve parked, or to track the car down if stolen.

“This service equips drivers on the road today with the same level of information about their vehicles that fitness wearables deliver about our health,” said Verizon Telematics CEO Andrés Irlando. “Simply put, Hum democratizes the safety and convenience of vehicle connectivity.”

Its worth noting that the Hum isnt the only product of its kind on the market. Earlier this month we wrote about Mojio, which has just opened up an app store for its own connected car product.