Verizon Media launches programmatic transparency tool

VerizonVerizon Media has introduced a machine learning-powered tool to offer advertisers and publishers transparency on their omnichannel programmatic ecosystem.

The tool, which is for the Verizon digital content arm’s demand side platform (DSP), offers performance insights and optimisation recommendations for each channel, ad format, and exchange.

“At Verizon Media, trust and transparency are more than just buzzwords,” said Iván Markman, chief business officer at Verizon Media. “We believe in the power of consistently delivering new technologies, platforms and tools that unlock deeper insights into programmatic supply and performance. With today’s announcement, we are continuing to take a leadership role, bringing our DSP customers granular omnichannel intelligence at the auction level, giving them everything they need to understand how and where to best allocate budgets.”

According Verizon Media, the transparency tool offers a 360-degree view of its DSP customer’s omnichannel programmatic environment, breaking down audience reach and cost analyses by channel, ad format, and exchange.

“We believe in leading the DSP market to give advertising partners transparency on everything from reach and cost across channels, formats and exchanges, and help them predict what will work best down the road,” concluded Markman.