Verizon will unthrottle video streaming on its unlimited plans, if you pay more

VerizonA couple of months ago, Verizon decided it would make changes to its unlimited data plans, and with these changes it decided place a limit on the quality that video could be streamed through its plans. This, as to be expected, didn’t sit well with many people, so the US’s biggest mobile network provider has decided to lift the quality cap – but only if people are willing to pay an extra $10 every month.

As first reported by Cnet, those willing to pay an extra $10 will be able to stream video at the maximum quality supported by their device, meaning devices with 1080p, 1440p, or 4K capabilities can be used to their full potential via Verizon’s data. The option will become available to customers on 3 November.

The add-on brings the price of Verizon’s highest single-line plan up to a rather eye-watering $95 a month. The feeling is compounded when it’s taken into account that prior to two months ago, customers on Verizon’s unlimited plan were able to stream video at any quality without being charged extra. But, of course, if people choose not to pay the extra $10, they can always rely on wi-fi to provide them with the highest quality streaming – though that makes it pretty pointless having an unlimited data plan.

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