Viacast Rolls Out Mobile Ad Network

Viacast Mobile, a new mobile advertising network, launched it’s mobile platform this week. It enables advertisers and agencies to buy or bid for advertising on mobile sites and apps, and includes a detailed reporting suite.

“We are creating a platform that extends beyond just helping advertisers “reach” consumers,” says Viacast CEO, Anthony Lawrence. “What we are looking to create is an ecosystem that fosters interaction between brands, people, and technology through mobile advertising. The ability for brands to engage and interact with consumers at anytime through their mobile devices is an asset that cannot be overlooked by marketers.”

Viacast says its platform is designed to enable advertisers to reach their target audience through geo-targeting, keyword targeting, and targeting by device options. The network is semi-blind, in that advertisers can choose which channels – Sports, Automtoive etc. – to advertise in. The Viacast network serves display advertising on a CPC (cost-per-click) and CPM (cost-per-thousand) basis.