Viber to launch disappearing messages for user privacy

Rakuten Viber has announced the upcoming launch of “disappearing messages”, which will be available in the chat feature of the messaging app. Users will be able to set a timer on all formats of messaging, including text, video, photo, and file types. The timer can be set in variations of seconds, minutes, hours, and days, and once the timer is up, that specific message will delete itself completely.

Previously, the “disappearing messages” feature was only available through Viber’s secret chats. Viber says making the feature available in all chats is another step towards becoming the most secure messaging app in the world. In the past, Viber has also launched a feature that allows users to delete sent messages, end-to-end encryption, and hidden or secret chats.

“We are proud to announce the disappearing messages feature launching in all 1-on-1 chats,” said Ofir Eyal, COO, Viber. “Introduced by Viber in 2017 as part of the “secret” chats experience, over time we became convinced that a similar measure of ensuring confidentiality, including sending a notification when the recipient takes a screenshot of the disappearing message, should be added to regular chats. This marks another step in our journey towards being the safest messaging platform in the world.”