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Vibes Everywhere Commerce launch promises last-touch attribution for retailers

David Murphy

Mobile marketing firm Vibes has released Vibes Everywhere Commerce, a mobile-first eCommerce solution for retailers. By connecting online and in-store experiences, the offering aims to provide marketers with last-touch attribution.

The solution includes eCommerce tagging capabilities, giving brands the ability to track what individual customers are shopping for and where they fall out of the journey. It can also send triggered messages, such as cart-abandonment notifications, to drive increased conversions, and push notifications. Other features include mobile wallet integration, to streamline the consumer experience for buying online and picking up in-store, campaign ROI and other conversion-based analytics, and customer insight, including post-click engagement data on a per-customer basis.

"Features like eCommerce tagging and triggered messaging are making the digital customer journey personalized and more valuable for consumers,” said Sam Benediktson, director of product at Vibes. “This gives marketers the power to improve the customer experience by anticipating and taking action on what customers want and when they want it."

Caitlin Lindner, senior marketing manager at Hibbett Sports, a Vibes customer, said: “Having this wealth of data in the Vibes Platform makes it much easier to pull vital customer analysis. Consumers are making more value-driven buying decisions, so it's paramount for our customers to have this depth of personalization. We're very excited by the ability to see revenue attribution at the mobile user level, which will help inform our future offers and content strategies."