Vibes Links Mobile Wallets and Advertising

WalletAds_2clicksMobile marketing firm Vibes has released WalletAds, a mobile ad technology that enables consumers to tap and save branded content and offers to Apples Passbook or Google Wallet, directly from mobile adverts.

The technology enables coupons and special offers to be placed directly into a mobile phones digital wallet, making it much simpler for consumers to save money when they make a purchase, either online or in-store.

It also enables brands with saved content in a mobile wallet to send updates and push-like notifications to consumers, reminding them of the offers they have saved and enabling them to influence the consumer throughout the purchase process.

Mobile wallets are predicted to see a huge growth in 2015, and for consumers, loyalty and couponing functions are high on the list of requested benefits, with 50 per cent of US users listing both as important.

“Mobile advertising is broken, but the rapid growth of mobile wallets is set to change that,” said Jack Philbin, CEO and co-founder of Vibes. “By making the consumers personal mobile wallet the post-click destination for any mobile ad they click on, we are giving them a far more effective way to respond to the ad, which will in turn bring greater ROI for advertisers.”